A glimpse on Turada

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Turada Lapian is a senior financial marketing consultant with over 32 years of experience in the private sector. His experience in marketing has been developed since early in his career. Turada had taken the lead and was part of the team in conceiving the consumer banking in Indonesia through Citibank Indonesia. The consumer banking proposition of Citibank was conceived in Indonesia and then transferred to other countries including the US and Europe. Customer Relations Management was one of the corner stones of delivering consumer proposition to the customer. Marketing and marketing communications experience was acquired by Turada during his tenure in the field of advertising and public relations, where he held senior positions in these respective fields. Turada was the Marketing Director/Spokesperson of the bank and was a leader in developing new consumer products in the consumer finance field, while another bank he worked for was Bank PDFCI a corporate banking institution.  He has demonstrated understanding of corporate management as well as knowledge on how to draw diverse sectors together to work on common goals, this embodies his management orientation that cohesive teamwork is key to obtaining good results. He has demonstrated skills in using acceptable cultural practices in the Asian workplace to further client goals and has received recognition for his skills by being awarded as a Top Executive in Indonesia (1991) and being included in the ASEAN WHO’s WHO 1992 volume.

Since 2000, Turada has also dwelled in the field of social marketing, part as a paid consultant and the part consists of pro-bono work. Using his own words, “Working for a social cause on a pro-bono basis is quite soothing for the soul”.

In 2007, he joined World Vision International in Indonesia one of the largest international Non Government Organization in the world focusing on the welfare of children. World Vision is a Christian organization that does not proselytize in exchange of its assistance towards the poor. In fact this is prohibited. He left World Vision when he came to a point where he disagreed with the management of the organization. The separation went well, and what was left was good memories. The scope of his responsibilities as Group Director was to supervise and coordinate the Communications Director, Finance Director, Human Resources Director, IT Director and Procurement Dept. It seems the job assignment was tailored to his multi experiences.

Today, as of 2011, Turada is working on his own dwelling on what he knows best which is the marketing of financial services.

He also is a trainer in:

1. Business presentation skills

2. Sales presentation skills

3. Media training skills

4. Negotiation skills

5. Marketing Financial Services

6. Customer service sales skills

7. Marketing Communications

8. CycloneMix 

Turada believes that a marketing thrust that combines, first and foremost a good and attractive product coupled by excellent service and promoted through advertising and public relations will reap the success. What about pricing? Turada comments: “That is where market segmentation comes in…” “Pricing will depend on what kind of product one is catering and how advanced the technology or artistic message is. Whether the product is for high end or the mass”, he concluded.


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